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The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(120)
. Eventually, of course, they discovered the Eldorado that, tor a brief moment in time, made Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(126)
, and their problems, are familiar to all. But what about their forerunners? Let’s look at Barkerville. First hospital
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(133)
recall that the pioneers of Barkerville, the Boundary country, Vancouver Island, and the Kootenays have
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(116)
the Cariboo country wHh its lakes, ranches and goldrush Barkerville, then be awestruck with the grandeur
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(62)
(1897); Barkerville, Ashcroft and Kamloqps (1897); Downie Creek (1898); Alice Arm (1898); Comox and Cape
The Daily Colonist (1971-07-20) page(58)
, a native of Barkerville, Mbs Lottie Bowron. A civil servant since 1904, she had been secretary to Sir