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The Daily Colonist (1980-03-16) page(73)
on to Barkerville. However, weeks later, even the excitement of the “largest town west of Chicago and north of San
The Daily Colonist (1980-03-16) page(74)
passed through Victoria, en route to Barkerville. Undaunted, Merritt headed for Yale, only to return
The Daily Colonist (1980-03-16) page(45)
Lakes, North to Fort Steel and Radium to Banff, Jaspér, West to Prince George and via Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1980-03-16) page(61)
Services. PHELPS - Capt. Archibald Ro­bert, on March 14,1980. Born in Barkerville, B.C. bn January 4, 1893