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The Daily Colonist (1970-02-05) page(35)
5, 1970 JJ Marijuana Research Uncovers Troublesome EffectsFilm Shows Ogopogo KELOWNA, (CP
The Daily Colonist (1970-11-22) page(71)
with us a handy book. Mileposts in Ogopogo Land, written by our friend, Chess Lyons, who
The Daily Colonist (1973-08-25) page(7)
v\Ogopogo ‘Home’ Named As ParkA new 25,50Q-acre
The Daily Colonist (1962-07-29) page(50)
Captain Weeks if he had ever seen Ogopogo. the fabled monster of Okanagan Lake. "W ell!" Captain W eeks
The Daily Colonist (1977-05-12) page(1)
and Indonesia for transmission to the Alberta pipeline system. HERBICIDE THREAT Ogopogo may go locoKELOWNA (CP
The Daily Colonist (1977-05-12) page(57)
and Indonesia for transmission to the ■ Alberta pipeline system. HERBICIDE THREAT Ogopogo may go locoKELOWNA
The Daily Colonist (1977-05-12) page(53)
system. HERBICIDE THREAT Ogopogo may go locoKELOWNA (CP) — An Ogo­ pogo expert said Wednesday she
The Daily Colonist (1962-05-24) page(23)
1M2 2 3 Ogopogo Vanier Plane Returns FRESHERSWEETERF L A V O R respectable looking men In thati
The Daily Colonist (1963-06-19) page(1)
, Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake and Cadborosaurus off Victoria were brushed off. Said Dr. J. R. Dymond, Unf
The Daily Colonist (1971-01-31) page(59)
monster. Even Kelowna’s Ogopogo is included, the author (overlooking Victoria’s own Caddy), noting “next
The Daily Colonist (1960-06-12) page(48)
seen either “Caddy” or “Ogopogo” the Victoria and Okanagan creatures which appear from time to time
The Daily Colonist (1935-07-30) page(3)
of seaserpents and ogopogos can be dis-proved by earefUl study of naturalhtstocy, was ,the eontention
The Daily Colonist (1963-06-19) page(23)
of the Himalayas and the Soft Dragon of the Alps. British Columbia's two ser pents, Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake
The Daily Colonist (1963-06-19) page(26)
, Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake and Cadboroeaurus off Victoria were brushed off. Said Dr. J. R. Dymond
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-16) page(16)
of Ogopogo. G E M ’S1™ 613 p.m. In the Tropical Garden. No cover charge. No nlnimum. SBQUIMALT SPORTS
The Daily Colonist (1963-09-20) page(11)
Ogopogo. Menendez says he went boat­ing Tuesday night, and "sud­denly there was a Mg sptaah and the water
The Daily Colonist (1965-05-23) page(56)
Kelowna's Ogopogo, which inhabits Okan­agan Lake. He answers- (o the same description as Caddy, as reported
The Daily Colonist (1953-08-08) page(1)
« Vernon Steals 'Ogopogo 'by CopyrightKELOWNA
The Daily Colonist (1960-05-01) page(52)
, Squally Point. Home of the famed lake monster, Ogopogo, Squally Point was at its worst on Christmas Day
The Daily Colonist (1978-08-06) page(58)
Okanagan, where In the interest of Increased real estate sales they trotted out Ogopogo, or even our dear
The Daily Colonist (1938-10-15) page(2)
£7811 heavy hook. He said, however, hedid not see his catch. OF THE OGOPOGO TYPEO. A. Roedde saw what
The Daily Colonist (1959-05-10) page(2)
into the “Ogopogo," a small switch- back ride. They Wave and GrinEach time they glide past, they wave and grin
The Daily Colonist (1965-07-11) page(12)
Thompson Ogopogo To Kidd KELOWNA (CP)-Bob Kidd, a seasoned amateur golfer and now pro at Penticton, won
The Daily Colonist (1957-08-14) page(4)
, as the Quebec* ChronlrleTeU*-» lt*'*ph is persuadedtjjJ to believe, thatF-a' Ogopogo Is actual-W ty * nauve son
The Daily Colonist (1930-12-11) page(3)
ogopogo lives In thedepths of the Okanagan. But neverto be outdone by the Okanagan,Cariboo claims no less
The Daily Colonist (1947-06-08) page(23)
fourth fiddle to Caddy, theSea Hag and the original Ogopogo. ^ NO DLMMTE "NO”! Ht9M 8CIENTI.STSj
The Daily Colonist (1974-07-27) page(4)
been with British Columbia’s humpy cousins, anyway. Up Kelowna-way they’ve been missing Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1979-04-15) page(5)
. Ogopogo. for the past six years and have pub­lished a book on the subject. Lake or sea monsters
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-04) page(3)
challenge such an order in courts as "aa abuse of 4. IM S , Who Needs Ogopogo? K E L O W N A (C P
The Daily Colonist (1968-07-19) page(23)
monster to honor of the legendary nwnstw* named Ogopogo which is said to depths of Lake These token
The Daily Colonist (1968-05-26) page(8)
into a new field like the Loves of Cadbo- rosaurus, or Ogopogo in the Vineyards for the movie world. Indeed
The Daily Colonist (1965-07-22) page(23)
at Ogopogo Sta­dium. Doable, each MM WILLS TRAVEL BUREAU1IS8 Broad fit KV 2-SO34 Betwaam View aad Tatoa
The Daily Colonist (1967-09-20) page(33)
Sasquatch tales more seri­ously. "I used to think they were just a joke, like Ogopogo and flying saucers
The Daily Colonist (1955-02-04) page(3)
Ip'whichone m-in was killed .'hil rightOther* wnujjrted CompleteMedicine Hat,- Alberta mayretain the 'Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1951-02-18) page(19)
to Vvgnonat the head of 'he tamed OkanaganI^ke H’wever unlike Lake Okan-agan ahuvwap has n*v Ogopogo Vis
The Daily Colonist (1952-06-28) page(2)
a new song about Ogopogo. the legentiary monster of LakeOkanagan They'H sing it at Kelowna
The Daily Colonist (1973-11-08) page(22)
, El Dude Grande, Ogopogo, Geza, Wine Count, Hircismus. Time — 1:12 and ;one-flfth. Second Race
The Daily Colonist (1976-04-28) page(42)
claims he was cheated out of Ogopogo Island by local officials and the provincial government. Following
The Daily Colonist (1977-08-03) page(50)
Ogopogo bathtub endurance race at Penticton during holiday weekend. The race, pari of 30th annual
The Daily Colonist (1978-01-21) page(64)
; the Ogopogo in Okanagan Lake, B.C; Pon eek, a serpent in northern Quebec. ■ a.Muppet Skew — Variety, ea 4
The Daily Colonist (1961-12-03) page(54)
— and lake a swim su it no I can a sk th e Ogopogo In person. "W hich c ity do you really belong •' I
The Daily Colonist (1970-02-05) page(50)
Sharply Criticised —Page 32★ * * Movie Shows Ogopogo —Page 35 * * *‘ Page Bridge
The Daily Colonist (1970-02-05) page(1)
Criticized —Page 32★ ★ ★ Movie Shows Ogopogo —Page 35 * * *Page Bridge
The Daily Colonist (1970-02-05) page(55)
Shows Ogopogo —Page 35 PageBridge ___ 43Oomica ....... 38Courtroom Parade 29i rossword 41Entertainment
The Daily Colonist (1966-01-13) page(54)
popping up over the past years, much the same as the Sasquatch or Ogopogo type ot thing. It is strictly
The Daily Colonist (1966-01-13) page(43)
the same as the Sasquatch or Ogopogo type of thing. It is strictly a fanciful thing, with no shred
The Daily Colonist (1966-01-13) page(1)
popping up over the past years, much the same as the Sasquatch or Ogopogo type of thing. It is strictly
The Daily Colonist (1964-07-14) page(13)
the Ogopogo tournament at Kelowna last week. Now working in Prince George, the dapper Chinese golfer
The Daily Colonist (1967-04-27) page(2)
their fellow man. Not a bad Idea at that. OGOPOGO OVER THERE? The Loch Ness Monster Phenom ena Investigation
The Daily Colonist (1967-09-20) page(1)
a joke, like Ogopogo and flying saucers. Biologists still lake it as a joke. It may turn out to be just
The Daily Colonist (1967-09-20) page(38)
tales more seri­ously. . T "1 used to think they were just a Joke, like Ogopogo and flying saucers
The Daily Colonist (1964-02-05) page(9)
. It will be followed by the annual Ogopogo tournament on the same course. The B.C Parent and Child tournament
The Daily Colonist (1956-11-25) page(13)
<: fan* drewed a* • 1 , model of Ogopogo and a farme;: kep* busy hoveUlng *ign whi.h read TTie blgge*l
The Daily Colonist (1957-09-01) page(24)
NorMiThe eyewitness accounls of south America to U*h Ogopogo. surpri.singly, are alihost identical
The Daily Colonist (1960-06-25) page(28)
-a model of Ogopogo, Oka- and many other exhibits was nagan Lake's legendary mon built 12 years ago by Mr
The Daily Colonist (1926-10-07) page(12)
." lollsram— Mary's Ankle."Crystal * Garden—Dancing andswimming. "The Ogopogo." COLISEUM "Mary"* Ankle
The Daily Colonist (1927-05-13) page(7)
orsix. with a thM group tvafl^ off.""Ogopogo" is the name which haa been given to the sea ssrpsBte
The Daily Colonist (1934-07-29) page(29)
-MlleHouse," we camo to beautiful Williamsshimmering in the evening light, thehome of the fabled "Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1947-08-02) page(1)
Ogopogo"was 75 feet long whh an enormoushead that he could see "quite dis-tinctly." He Mid the my.stery
The Daily Colonist (1949-08-14) page(4)
sitting or doingtricks on flagpoles. In Canada. Ogopogo has. left hiswatery home and has taken to stomp
The Daily Colonist (1972-09-24) page(34)
Courier with Ogopogo Camper— 4,000 mi. Marconi LU 35 Radar Unit. Model ERG Eoholite Depth Sounder—120
The Daily Colonist (1976-04-23) page(17)
: Either I am insane and therefore the sale I made (of Ogopogo Island) was invalid, or I am sane
The Daily Colonist (1976-07-11) page(29)
(CP) — The first, sighting reported this year of Lake Okanagan’s famous Ogopogo water monster came
The Daily Colonist (1976-07-20) page(7)
. □KELOWNA — Harry Staines of Westbank, B.C., said he and his wife Betty saw Ogopogo, Okanagan Lake’s
The Daily Colonist (1977-08-03) page(8)
competitors in 72 - mile Ogopogo bathtub endurance race at Penticton during holiday weekend. The race, part
The Daily Colonist (1978-06-25) page(33)
wants the B.C. branch to rename itself the Ogopogo Party, and he added It was Ironic that Bawlf would
The Daily Colonist (1961-06-02) page(4)
, Ogopogo, the Loch Ness Monster and other reputable and enduring tea and lake serpents, which have been
The Daily Colonist (1964-07-11) page(12)
:56.4. His previous best was a winning Kerr Third At Ogopogo 4 * -a -4 IKK) 021 031-7 13 000 100 030
The Daily Colonist (1964-06-23) page(8)
suffered locally, if not elsewhere, because the competition comes OS close to the popular Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1964-06-23) page(30)
Buffered locally, if not elsewhere, because the competition comes ao close to the popular Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1936-11-01) page(21)
Lake's Ogopogo. for the^past.few years supplanted in the "pxih-tie eye by Victoria's .va .ser|X'nt,Caddy
The Daily Colonist (1934-10-16) page(1)
* ''t'u! liv with a testing p VE31NON. Oct. 15 (CP)—For thesecond time this year. Ogopogo haspoked his
The Daily Colonist (1945-12-19) page(4)
be true that the dolnp' of Ogopogo and the Loch Ncas Mon*scer. which goes under the Illogicalname
The Daily Colonist (1962-05-29) page(2)
, and hrory. is Rider L?ÜÜ Rims Amok. Ogopogo. all the porous and spongy | i t has the disintegrations
The Daily Colonist (1961-12-17) page(10)
wall._____ Ogopogo'! Vi» PTM» eRa« fnMittf - M Brum* .. —Jt » F J C ___Family Mai inf fMO pNllMf — |M
The Daily Colonist (1958-01-29) page(6)
and Sunday by IheRaglan witn Nek Bulloih and ‘ **• ever popular Ogopogo loumamenl at KelownaJohn Y.ini-tiiiK
The Daily Colonist (1958-01-15) page(21)
drawing in a tree.As Is often the rase with talent,Ljaf's encnmpaaeea rmire than Will Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1961-02-02) page(17)
said he ob- While Mr. Monrufet hastoria 's Cadborosaurus a n d Kelowna's Ogopogo. it has been sighted
The Daily Colonist (1961-02-02) page(34)
of Vic­toria's Cadborosaurus a n d Kelowna's Ogopogo, it has been sighted frequently dur­ing the past few months
The Daily Colonist (1963-07-03) page(25)
Ogopogo tournament at Kelowna, and the B.C. | tpptimisiir after Amateur at Richmond next week may throw
The Daily Colonist (1961-08-13) page(16)
that Manipogo (the name was lifted from Lake Okanagan's monster, Ogopogo) had a mate, and a family. Seventeen
The Daily Colonist (1970-10-03) page(15)
The Daily Colonist (1970-10-30) page(13)
The Daily Colonist (1937-10-21) page(1)
In the averages on March 15. 1933. OgojHtgo Reported Again at Kelotvna KELOWNA. Oct 30 O-Ogopogo, Lake Okanagan
The Daily Colonist (1965-03-14) page(34)
rlaasical Jewish fam- Giant again reviews thp Monsters of B.C.: Caddy, Ogopogo. San- Courage: Kent Smith
The Daily Colonist (1967-07-11) page(31)
Vancouver, won Ogopogo Oped golf tournament in Kelowna on Sunday with a 54- hole total of 212 .. . Terry
The Daily Colonist (1967-01-08) page(5)
or tourist bait than the Okanagan Lake’s mythical Ogopogo, primarily because Caddy is a sea-going version
The Daily Colonist (1952-08-10) page(2)
festivalhonoring water and fertility, with Ogopogo as its sym-bol. In the Okangan the general dryness and remote
The Daily Colonist (1960-08-02) page(4)
monster, Victoria's Caddy and the Oka pagan's Ogopogo. Manitoba's monster has, however, o serious
The Daily Colonist (1960-01-31) page(4)
the Loch Ness monster and RC.’a Ogopogo. Is It possible the Journal has never heard of Cad- borosaurus
The Daily Colonist (1960-09-04) page(15)
and gam* and ex en Ogopogo and the legendary Sasquatrh. By ED MAHONKY From Ottawa ROMANTICALLY
The Daily Colonist (1960-08-25) page(18)
and white gloves. She carried a supplied by Mr. Bob Stewart and his accordion with Mrs Ogopogo Stays
The Daily Colonist (1960-08-26) page(4)
that Vancouver Island’s “Caddy" is In no danger of serious competition from the mainland’s “Ogopogo
The Daily Colonist (1926-10-05) page(12)
— Dorothy (21ih inKoll Man - AnklrI urn .in. ,.n,l Ogopogo." "NELL OWYN" LIVES AfiAIN AT DOMINIONI >.i
The Daily Colonist (1932-05-22) page(17)
an Ogopogo, Just divide it Into short lengthsland whittle It to the probability that he had just smelt
The Daily Colonist (1926-10-09) page(7)
« The Ogopogo WMU Ailrf'ii I'rlnals .nd Chralar COBkUaMATINBB BATtJltDAY COLISEUIVI A Wild Heest Stampad
The Daily Colonist (1933-09-21) page(1)
in OntarioClaiming CousinOf B,C, Ogopogo KENORA, Ont, Sept. 21(CP).—Sununer residents at Trout Lake, fifteen
The Daily Colonist (1933-06-23) page(3)
k." alms Ogopogo. suddenly reared his head out of the rushes, is greatlyinterested Often he heard
The Daily Colonist (1940-08-09) page(10)
. Pentlcton.Ladles' 3-metre iHr:tl-li rnliiinbla championship and Ogopogo Trophy)- 1. i.ynda Adams, Vancouver; 1;Dot
The Daily Colonist (1947-09-19) page(3)
In theInterior. Newstead RealtyHKA bERFENT AGAINGLENMORE Ogopogo. the elusive Okanagtn lake aea serpent