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The Daily Colonist (1911-10-15) page(25)
abroad the secrets of aeons. Nowhere is this air of expectancy more ap-parent than in Barkerville—tumble
The Daily Colonist (1911-07-30) page(36)
presented itself in respect to the protec- tion of Barkerville from periodical overflowby the v.'aters
The Daily Colonist (1921-10-09) page(21)
Barkerville a popnlatum ofmlaround ijo. P*in« fiftiests at the hotel con- stitutr a cr..w
The Daily Colonist (1911-07-23) page(31)
with the recent overflow of W'illiams creek. Barkerville. through whichsome alarm was occasioned the citizens
The Daily Colonist (1911-06-09) page(3)
give some publicity to the merits of the country lying a few miles eaat of Barkerville. namely
The Daily Colonist (1911-10-01) page(25)
, up the Ques-nelle, up Keithley Creek and Antler Creekto Barkerville. There is rich lore to be hadand
The Daily Colonist (1886-10-02) page(2)
Barker villoj ; afterwards detailingan account of the country from Clintonto Barkerville . At Soda creek
The Daily Colonist (1933-04-28) page(3)
of Pioneer Clergy- man at Barkerville k» i> i tut i PUBLIC OPINION DEFEATS LEAGUEVice -Admiral S. J
The Daily Colonist (1911-10-01) page(26)
. This, of course, ex- cepts the Barkerville road, which ascends thir-teen hundred feet in thirteen miles. You can
The Daily Colonist (1868-10-05) page(3)
this the news of the confltera .lien, of the towo of Barkerville! , Williamcreek . has " flashed across
The Daily Colonist (1919-11-23) page(30)
promise to rejuvenatethe Barkerville country. Painstakingprospecting has been carried on' therefor many
The Daily Colonist (1911-09-17) page(25)
mining machinery the freight on which,delivered at Barkerville, ran up to 25 cents apound. So
The Daily Colonist (1912-06-23) page(25)
to Barkerville. The branch lineneeting with Prince Rupert and Port Simpsonleaves the main line at liazelton
The Daily Colonist (1878-03-01) page(4)
liabilities . ;The registered officeof the Company will be at Barkerville . A branch office
The Daily Colonist (1924-01-29) page(4)
. The Barkerville correspondeftt "ofThe Caiiho.i Obaerver says his di-.-trirt needs the serriees of a regularly
The Daily Colonist (1893-09-21) page(7)
here this morning , enroute for Barkerville . The CQurt andJudge " Evans also passed up at the sometime
The Daily Colonist (1896-02-08) page(1)
diseases of these organs . A . D . Whittier , of Barkerville , arrived on the Charmer last evening andis
The Daily Colonist (1897-09-25) page(5)
, Ontario ,Sentinel Star , has spent the last fewweeks on a bicycle trip over the Caribooroad to Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1897-12-27) page(4)
.Barkerville reports being now deep inwinter . Snow is two and a half feetdeep and the thermometer , which
The Daily Colonist (1876-03-30) page(4)
P.M . Barkervil.1otermed late . , YaleofficES and, In'l } Wednesday 3 P .H
The Daily Colonist (1872-03-13) page(2)
of ON-WARD - on Mondays , and arrive at&Barkerville on Fridays , Leave DarKerTillc on Saturdaysand arrive
The Daily Colonist (1871-07-13) page(2)
- Oam, , . Yale . . Mondays - BAm,Arrive at Barkerville. on Friday , following
The Daily Colonist (1920-01-25) page(26)
of Mother Lode of theCariboo, Secures Capital to , Work Barkerville Claims. ler B. Armatrons, 4}io after
The Daily Colonist (1911-10-15) page(26)
a Barkerville man,as de- ,;k^H tn me by a Barkervuie i"»».was a t-ounry wiSi a'longplacer mining season
The Daily Colonist (1877-01-26) page(4)
and Saturday at Monday and Thursday at .rard Inlet . ' 8 P.M . ' G P.M .Barkerville and Interme diate offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-02-18) page(4)
.Barkerville , and Interme ¬ Wednesday 8 ? .a . . . . . . Monday at 6 P.M .diate offices .Nanaimo offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-12-06) page(4)
at Monday and Thnrsday. , Barkerville and Interme . PP ' ' diate . offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-07-15) page(4)
Wednesday and Saturday at Monday And Thursday at j rard Inlet . 3 P.M . ,6 P.K .Barkerville , and Interme
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-18) page(4)
Monday and Thursday atrard Inlet . r 3 P.11 . 6 . P.M .Barkerville offices, and . Interne-diate . I
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-25) page(4)
at rard Inlet . 8 P.K . C P.M .Barkerville diate offices, and . Intormo . ) Wednesday 3 P.M
The Daily Colonist (1877-01-20) page(4)
Monday and Thursday at rard Inlet . 3 PM . 6 ' .: .Barkerville and Intermo ,diate offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-02-16) page(4)
at Monday and Thursday at rard Inlet . 3 P.M . G r.M .Barkerville and Interme- diateII ,. . offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-07-12) page(4)
Westminster & BurWednesday) and Saturday nt Monday and Thursday ntrard Inlet . 3 PM . G P.M . Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1877-01-16) page(4)
Westminster & Bur- rardWednesday and Saturday Monday and Thursday at Inlet . 3 P.M . G PM .Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1930-1-10) page(5)
La Hache district. WilliamsLake. Quesnel and Barkerville, and | stressed the wonderful romance
The Daily Colonist (1932-03-20) page(3)
"run" of sixtymiles from the mouth of the canalto Barkerville. he had to e^leetfam and check luggage
The Daily Colonist (1936-05-30) page(3)
^RFSSIONSTh«' speaker ^ve her mipresalon of Barkerville. where ahe was bom:She urged her hearers to visit
The Daily Colonist (1938-04-01) page(6)
- Octogenarian Prospector IsPreparing for Trip Into— Barkerville Listed expriKiil \ircs e.stlmated Inthe same
The Daily Colonist (1911-07-01) page(11)
, Barkerville an>l WillowKlver railway, has left tor BarkervlUe to conpleto arrangements for tho sur- vey (i
The Daily Colonist (1911-09-24) page(25)
for Barkerville, Quesnel, and allinterior points. A busy little town sprang upbeside the Thompson. Then, a few
The Daily Colonist (1914-04-05) page(19)
reaches Quesnel, which is the outlet of theregion around Barkerville, the two towns ly-ing upon the same
The Daily Colonist (1913-08-10) page(31)
vicinity of Barkerville for several years af-terward and their offspring wandered north-ward as the bands
The Daily Colonist (1912-10-01) page(14)
Peaco River country;Cariboo, Barkerville and Willowi.i ir and elgtlt Other v.illroadsprojected
The Daily Colonist (1878-04-14) page(5)
, etc . , n . B . HABI-KB: , " BARKERVILLE , Oct . 13th , 1877 . I The Bonanza lode has been
The Daily Colonist (1893-09-01) page(6)
yesterday. It is the intention of thiscompany to work the deep ground of thecreek below Barkerville , whore
The Daily Colonist (1896-02-11) page(6)
Richfield to Barkerville! wits$300 . The government did not hear oftiny opposition on the part
The Daily Colonist (1896-10-17) page(5)
. NEWS has been received of the deathat Barkerville on Monday last ofNicholas Henry Brown , a mining
The Daily Colonist (1897-01-01) page(10)
Concessions at Barkerville has been vigorously pushed allsummer , and as cold weather comes onthe huge pipe
The Daily Colonist (1895-06-06) page(2)
the province . ByCa'iboo psople generally , and more especiallythe residents of Barkerville , among whomshe
The Daily Colonist (1896-02-06) page(6)
commissioner's office fromRichfield to Barkerville , were ruled outoforder , as containing debateable assertions
The Daily Colonist (1872-06-09) page(3)
ofVotea tor tbe Barkerville Polling Division . MrAlexander Lindsay to be Collector o ' Votesfor
The Daily Colonist (1917-09-30) page(13)
, re- cently made a motor trip to Quesnel aad(Barkerville. accompanied by his wifeand son and two lady
The Daily Colonist (1878-08-07) page(4)
.Barkerville on Monday , July theat 7:30: p.m'for: the Election of Trustees and thetransaction of Important
The Daily Colonist (1879-10-03) page(4)
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-02) page(3)
a: mail onthe 25th December last from Barkerville ,the document produced marked A . is thetime bill
The Daily Colonist (1933-02-11) page(1)
^nd machinery are converging on the Barkerville regionof the Cariboo from the north and the south
The Daily Colonist (1933-03-19) page(1)
of the gold fielda from Barkerville south well into theWiUiaiM. Labt t«rrilory. mm\' m TORONTO rORCEThror
The Daily Colonist (1933-01-26) page(1)
, with Barkerville asits centre, gives every evidence ofbeing a highly mineralised ion?,where lie the veins from
The Daily Colonist (1897-02-04) page(8)
are at thegame house . . GOLDEN DAYS TO COME . Continued Jrom Page One . creek , on which Barkerville stands
The Daily Colonist (1891-09-26) page(8)
to run fromAshcroftto Barkerville.(1-To Baud Qaarlz Claims . iMr .' Drummond , of Montreal , and Mr .Lyon
The Daily Colonist (1919-03-01) page(6)
temperaturewas C above sero, at Barkerville. 10below and' at Kamloops, 6 above. Itwas generally cold
The Daily Colonist (1911-02-23) page(6)
In 19tli; loweaf 22 or. 15th; rain .01Inch. Barkerville — lIlKliest temperature 3420tli; lowest zuro
The Daily Colonist (1911-12-31) page(3)
with a plethora of peripateticpilgrims, and ask for a policeman torout this hobo army. Barkerville iscursed
The Daily Colonist (1911-08-01) page(12)
destitute.Residents of Barkerville have receiv- ed a long and kindly message from fne King in response to their wire
The Daily Colonist (1911-04-02) page(6)
53Vancouver 42 . . Kantloops 38 . . Barkerville 24 ..Prince Rupert 24Calgary, Alta 24 28Winnipeg, Man 4
The Daily Colonist (1911-06-21) page(6)
** "'^Barkerville ... , 28 52Prince R^ipert ••• **Calgary. Alta 50 68Winnipeg. Man 90Portland, Ore '10 72San
The Daily Colonist (1920-10-23) page(13)
-Barkerville Stage•Service About to Pass Out ofUse After Sixty Years' Ac-tive Operation On November 1 next
The Daily Colonist (1918-09-29) page(6)
....Karaleova ....Barkerville ...Prince Rupert .AUInDawaen. T. T.CWgary ,WinnipegPortland. Or*.Ran Franeleoor«rl
The Daily Colonist (1912-12-22) page(43)
. A new railway line Is projected forthe Cariboo tc extend from Eagle Laketo Barkerville and connect
The Daily Colonist (1930-7-16) page(12)
miners were still working thebars near Barkerville. President- H. G. fitevena. an-nounced
The Daily Colonist (1933-09-10) page(33)
. Lower Left: Pack tram stanuig out for piospecting trip from Quesnel. Lo^«rRight: New Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1941-06-25) page(3)
Uieir quarryearly lyday ended in the capture ofA Smsaslci. prisoner who escapedfrom Barkerville Jail
The Daily Colonist (1902-10-28) page(6)
' aiidut north to -Barkerville , which heJo his headquarters for A time inak- Iiusl1ectI!frhborhood
The Daily Colonist (1904-04-22) page(1)
Murder Charged Against TwoIndians By Jury at Borkervllle . Barkerville , R . CApm'h121-Tie:coroner'H
The Daily Colonist (1900-09-03) page(5)
the tenders for the keepingopen of the Cariboo road between Cotton-wood1 and Barkerville during the past
The Daily Colonist (1896-03-17) page(6)
. Rogers ,(from residents of Barkerville , againstthe assessment bill , and by Mr . Semlinto the panic
The Daily Colonist (1896-11-25) page(3)
. morning was the coldest Barkerville has had this season . At Soda Creek the , \ CASTORIA\ . For Infants
The Daily Colonist (1896-10-23) page(6)
manyparcels of ore have been successfullytreated at the Barkerville plant , andthis will , no doubt , add
The Daily Colonist (1896-02-04) page(6)
in Barkervllle and their salary ? \Vhy was the of-fice ¬ of mining recorder moved from Richfield to Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1896-03-15) page(2)
on their claim on Pine creek ,Barkerville , this winter . M . McCorn-ish and M . Davis are working on theclaim
The Daily Colonist (1896-03-15) page(8)
thepoints mentioned . This is exclusive ofthe proposed twenty mile brunch be-tween Barkerville junction
The Daily Colonist (1893-09-29) page(5)
increase . So says E . A . Martin ,the Government assayer , from Barkerville ,who IB now on a visit
The Daily Colonist (1897-02-09) page(3)
.. Hydraulic Elevators for Barkerville-'-rho Westminster[ Volunteers Inspected-Kootenay ., (Special
The Daily Colonist (1896-02-16) page(7)
figures .I -temporla1"Y ¬1 tive inflation of freight rates to Barkerville . The first w .° s a poor
The Daily Colonist (1892-08-11) page(5)
District .News was received from Barkerville , yes- terday- , that Dr . Watt and Wm . Morrisonhave been
The Daily Colonist (1900-06-09) page(5)
, A . C . Miuty . Mr . F . Carter-Cotton was to addressII[ meeting at Barkerville on Friday oflast week
The Daily Colonist (1895-06-15) page(5)
shelves devoted to Canadian history . HY . SHERLOCK , of Barkerville , who hasarrived from the mining
The Daily Colonist (1889-02-02) page(4)
Moss , E . C . Johnston and | Isaac Walsh . From ItnrkcrTlllr .The new smelting works at Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1896-04-14) page(2)
Barkerville on a prospectingtrip for Smoky river last fall with elevenpuck horses , via Goat river . They sent
The Daily Colonist (1887-01-04) page(1)
Accident . Oorrcnt> oiuience o/ the (Oolonu .Some time ago our mining export , now nt Barkerville , sent
The Daily Colonist (1883-05-01) page(2)
, tilemallK to leave Barkerville on Saturday morning . oras loon WI po.lble after tllli arrlYal ethic ulall
The Daily Colonist (1876-11-04) page(4)
and Thursday at rard Inlet and Yale . 3 P.M . 6 P.M .Barkerville , and Interme ¬ II ' diate offices
The Daily Colonist (1876-08-27) page(4)
- Wednesday; and Saturday ot Monday and. Thursday fitrard Inlet and Yale) . 8 p .) . ' G P.M , .Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1876-06-14) page(4)
. Barkerville and Interme )diate offices , . ¬ Saturday 3 , . . . , . . . . . . . Thursday at C I' . 31
The Daily Colonist (1876-02-29) page(1)
..Barkerville Y & and , In-, otormodiate Wedneeday 8 I.K . . . . . ; . . . . . Monday at 7 ,:r.K .: pffloes
The Daily Colonist (1873-12-21) page(2)
Barkerville to Yale ,$65 CO . " ((4)) Faro of Superintendentfrom Barkorville to Yale , forwardingslag , $25
The Daily Colonist (1876-05-18) page(4)
. I, 8 P.M . . H ,,1ll 6 P.M .''Barkerville and Interme . , ' , , ! . .. S ' turde.1 ' ' P.H
The Daily Colonist (1872-09-10) page(2)
The Daily Colonist (1872-12-03) page(1)
Columbia between the following '.fromthe .- BARKERVILLE,AND HARVEY CREEK j BARKERVILLE AND YALE
The Daily Colonist (1872-12-07) page(1)