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The Daily Colonist (1967-01-29) page(6)
will be in propor­tion to the interest toe public shows in how the money is spent. ♦ * ♦The Best of Barkerville revue
The Daily Colonist (1967-06-04) page(43)
to Peace River Dam. Then over John Hart Highway, passing McLeod, we visit Barkerville. To Kamloops, Nicola
The Daily Colonist (1967-11-11) page(75)
by Fran Dowie, well-known for his vaudeville show in the gold rush town of Barkerville. Dowie came
The Daily Colonist (1968-02-20) page(9)
Gold Quartz Mine near Barkerville, closed more than a year ago because it wax no longer economically
The Daily Colonist (1966-05-15) page(47)
Barkerville, Etc. July 23rd ta July 29th 7 Days — giu Each Double Saturday, July 13—To Fraser Canyon, Cache
The Daily Colonist (1966-05-15) page(29)
, and the continuance of restoration at Barkerville and Fort Steele.• B.C. Travel Bureau — tourist revenue at a record
The Daily Colonist (1966-12-18) page(9)
will pre­sent die glories of Barkerville. Grades 8 and 9 wih trace the history of B.C.'s transport and give
The Daily Colonist (1968-02-07) page(2)
later on the same report says "The Barkerville Park production Barkerville or Bust released last year
The Daily Colonist (1969-06-01) page(26)
Highway Cariboo Trail Barkerville, Etc.June 12 to 18 7 Days — $115 Each Double Thursday, June 12
The Daily Colonist (1868-10-05) page(3)
this the news of the confltera .lien, of the towo of Barkerville! , Williamcreek . has " flashed across
The Daily Colonist (1919-11-23) page(30)
promise to rejuvenatethe Barkerville country. Painstakingprospecting has been carried on' therefor many
The Daily Colonist (1911-09-17) page(25)
mining machinery the freight on which,delivered at Barkerville, ran up to 25 cents apound. So
The Daily Colonist (1912-06-23) page(25)
to Barkerville. The branch lineneeting with Prince Rupert and Port Simpsonleaves the main line at liazelton
The Daily Colonist (1878-03-01) page(4)
liabilities . ;The registered officeof the Company will be at Barkerville . A branch office
The Daily Colonist (1924-01-29) page(4)
. The Barkerville correspondeftt "ofThe Caiiho.i Obaerver says his di-.-trirt needs the serriees of a regularly
The Daily Colonist (1958-05-08) page(5)
Barkerville today,wMond up at the Curling Clubwith the s!ag«' bring diiveninto (he rink The hoi-es ueiethen
The Daily Colonist (1963-01-06) page(41)
It Babble GOLDEN BARKERVILLE oo oo ALL THAT It r.M KINS of Soda ... fahubor* remievvous. hi* gauntlet
The Daily Colonist (1963-10-27) page(44)
party going in to Barkerville for a look-see. On this occa­sion the patriotic miners decided the Queen's
The Daily Colonist (1963-10-27) page(45)
. Smith. Ho made another trip to Barkerville the following year, this time alone, and it was probably
The Daily Colonist (1964-03-01) page(43)
miles from Yale to the gold-min- glng town of Barkerville. This wps in the mid-Page 4—The Daily
The Daily Colonist (1965-05-12) page(9)
camp at Barkerville was a highlight with the arrival at William Lake where an im­promptu rodeo waa
The Daily Colonist (1965-11-14) page(58)
it was a bankers asset in Barkerville a hundred years ago. The Bank of B.C. supplied one of these for customer's
The Daily Colonist (1966-03-06) page(10)
(Soloniat, Victoria. Sunday, March 6, 1966 Where Did the Money Go? New Mine at Barkerville Gold
The Daily Colonist (1966-12-22) page(40)
Barkerville Joe or better known as Courtenay’s own Sid Wil­liams, paid a visit to city council Monday night
The Daily Colonist (1966-06-28) page(36)
coach to Victoria will leave Barkerville July 4, arriving Victoria Sept 3. Coach is authentic replica
The Daily Colonist (1966-11-11) page(14)
dates, The Best of Barkerville and tlie Cmiftderation train. All sections of the public are being
The Daily Colonist (1964-01-05) page(43)
it should be the Golden Building, synonymous, by the way, with Barkervilles golden tide that long ago built
The Daily Colonist (1965-07-11) page(11)
on our regular stock"GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT’—and In the fabu­lous Barkerville area, the Heron
The Daily Colonist (1965-10-10) page(46)
, to his­toric Richfield to heighten the Barkerville illusion. Vanished also was the symbolic lion and unicorn
The Daily Colonist (1965-07-18) page(53)
the gigantic expanse of their task shakes me more than all the quoted j figures. Visits to Barkerville come
The Daily Colonist (1966-08-14) page(72)
^d the inner when Barkerville was booming. The rocession ultimately arrives at a recording “ficer
The Daily Colonist (1967-03-05) page(48)
from Sligo in western Ireland, quit freighting with oxen between Yale and Barkerville to take up a big
The Daily Colonist (1967-10-22) page(56)
, of qouroe, it had been almost another Barkerville, where every shovelful of paydirt averaged around |R
The Daily Colonist (1967-04-11) page(20)
The Best of Barkerville shown for one night in the Victoria High School auditorium following its engagement
The Daily Colonist (1967-08-27) page(57)
joined the rush to B.C.'s Fraser River. Then, after the sights and sounds of Barkerville, he
The Daily Colonist (1967-12-29) page(26)
of Barkerville, which played to sellout houses in the McPherson Playhouse in February and April. Jerry Gosley
The Daily Colonist (1966-05-20) page(24)
, or visiting historic Barkerville on the way down through central B.C. For others, the new link with Alaska
The Daily Colonist (1966-12-25) page(9)
to the ROYAL LONDON WAX MUSEUMOver the Festive Season Wtd., Fib, lit aatThara., Fah. 2aJ BEST OF BARKERVILLE
The Daily Colonist (1966-03-20) page(52)
of the headboards seen today in Barkervil e a pioneer cemetery. Only Johmy forgot to do one for Mmaelf. Eden's
The Daily Colonist (1966-09-18) page(55)
subsequently went by pack train up the oki Cariboo Trail to Barkerville to produce the Cariboo Sentinel, snd
The Daily Colonist (1968-03-26) page(16)
and automobiles (cars and campers, too!). Return via the “Totem Route”—Highway 16 to Prince George, Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1969-10-05) page(26)
shaggy mane mush­rooms. ★ ★ ★Next day we camped at Barkerville and donned thermal winter underwear
The Daily Colonist (1970-04-18) page(14)
Presents for 19-year-olds and Over Fran Dowiewith his Barkerville ReviewTrain for Reservationlsts, Passen
The Daily Colonist (1970-05-09) page(16)
DOWIEPrior to His Return to Barkerville GERRY GOSLfYOf The Smile Show dorothy McDowellAbbey Tavern, Ireland
The Daily Colonist (1970-09-10) page(23)
Carlisle, in Esquimalt, died ] here Friday at 57. A former resident Of | Barkerville, he played major part
The Daily Colonist (1970-03-29) page(9)
spread north up the Fraser River and, by the mid-1890s, they had made Barkerville the biggest, most
The Daily Colonist (1970-08-07) page(3)
in the tiny town of Barkerville by at least 600 people, many of them tourists visiting (he spot
The Daily Colonist (1893-09-21) page(7)
here this morning , enroute for Barkerville . The CQurt andJudge " Evans also passed up at the sometime
The Daily Colonist (1896-02-08) page(1)
diseases of these organs . A . D . Whittier , of Barkerville , arrived on the Charmer last evening andis
The Daily Colonist (1897-09-25) page(5)
, Ontario ,Sentinel Star , has spent the last fewweeks on a bicycle trip over the Caribooroad to Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1897-12-27) page(4)
.Barkerville reports being now deep inwinter . Snow is two and a half feetdeep and the thermometer , which
The Daily Colonist (1876-03-30) page(4)
P.M . Barkervil.1otermed late . , YaleofficES and, In'l } Wednesday 3 P .H
The Daily Colonist (1872-03-13) page(2)
of ON-WARD - on Mondays , and arrive at&Barkerville on Fridays , Leave DarKerTillc on Saturdaysand arrive
The Daily Colonist (1871-07-13) page(2)
- Oam, , . Yale . . Mondays - BAm,Arrive at Barkerville. on Friday , following
The Daily Colonist (1920-01-25) page(26)
of Mother Lode of theCariboo, Secures Capital to , Work Barkerville Claims. ler B. Armatrons, 4}io after
The Daily Colonist (1911-10-15) page(26)
a Barkerville man,as de- ,;k^H tn me by a Barkervuie i"»».was a t-ounry wiSi a'longplacer mining season
The Daily Colonist (1877-01-26) page(4)
and Saturday at Monday and Thursday at .rard Inlet . ' 8 P.M . ' G P.M .Barkerville and Interme diate offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-02-18) page(4)
.Barkerville , and Interme ¬ Wednesday 8 ? .a . . . . . . Monday at 6 P.M .diate offices .Nanaimo offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-12-06) page(4)
at Monday and Thnrsday. , Barkerville and Interme . PP ' ' diate . offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-07-15) page(4)
Wednesday and Saturday at Monday And Thursday at j rard Inlet . 3 P.M . ,6 P.K .Barkerville , and Interme
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-18) page(4)
Monday and Thursday atrard Inlet . r 3 P.11 . 6 . P.M .Barkerville offices, and . Interne-diate . I
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-25) page(4)
at rard Inlet . 8 P.K . C P.M .Barkerville diate offices, and . Intormo . ) Wednesday 3 P.M
The Daily Colonist (1877-01-20) page(4)
Monday and Thursday at rard Inlet . 3 PM . 6 ' .: .Barkerville and Intermo ,diate offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-02-16) page(4)
at Monday and Thursday at rard Inlet . 3 P.M . G r.M .Barkerville and Interme- diateII ,. . offices
The Daily Colonist (1877-07-12) page(4)
Westminster & BurWednesday) and Saturday nt Monday and Thursday ntrard Inlet . 3 PM . G P.M . Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1877-01-16) page(4)
Westminster & Bur- rardWednesday and Saturday Monday and Thursday at Inlet . 3 P.M . G PM .Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1930-1-10) page(5)
La Hache district. WilliamsLake. Quesnel and Barkerville, and | stressed the wonderful romance
The Daily Colonist (1932-03-20) page(3)
"run" of sixtymiles from the mouth of the canalto Barkerville. he had to e^leetfam and check luggage
The Daily Colonist (1936-05-30) page(3)
^RFSSIONSTh«' speaker ^ve her mipresalon of Barkerville. where ahe was bom:She urged her hearers to visit
The Daily Colonist (1938-04-01) page(6)
- Octogenarian Prospector IsPreparing for Trip Into— Barkerville Listed expriKiil \ircs e.stlmated Inthe same
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-11) page(30)
been restored-and the I10.WM Barkerville Museum.Ml K PRIMED THEM Bnrkerville had an estimated
The Daily Colonist (1934-04-04) page(19)
indicatethat IMeral ground Is good. MRI600 MINES HMjWSActivity In Barkerville LodeArea Moves Forward- New
The Daily Colonist (1932-12-28) page(3)
-ments in the Barkerville dl'^trlct Inanticipation of a eeneral develop-ment a.H soon lus weather
The Daily Colonist (1966-04-30) page(40)
for the presenta­tion of the touring Barkerville troupe but it will definitely be after the summer show is over
The Daily Colonist (1967-03-08) page(37)
The Best of Barkerville is coming back. Les Mottishaw contacted a member of Nanaimo Theatre Group to help
The Daily Colonist (1967-02-04) page(36)
. You cannot ask the person in front, "please remove your head."BARKERVILLE At the Best of Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1968-04-28) page(29)
. Peace River TourAlaska Highway, Cariboo Trail, Barkerville, Etc. Juna 27th ta July 3rd 7 Days —$115
The Daily Colonist (1966-05-15) page(17)
River Tour Alaska Highway, Carlbaa Trail Barkerville, Ete.July 23rd ta July 29th 7 Days — »11S Each
The Daily Colonist (1968-08-25) page(48)
Cariboo Trail, Barkerville, Etc.7 Days—$115 Dbl. Each Aug. 29 to Sept. 42 Excellent Dinners Fraser
The Daily Colonist (1968-05-26) page(26)
TOUR Alaska Highway, Caribaa Trail, Barkerville, Etc.June 27th ta Jaly 3rd 7 Days — 3115 Dbl
The Daily Colonist (1968-01-27) page(2)
don’t think too much of the setup at Barkerville and Fort Steele. The standards are not too good
The Daily Colonist (1969-04-27) page(16)
Theatre, Barkerville, tlie Charlottetown Festival and now Bastion again, with whom she's rehearsing
The Daily Colonist (1969-08-10) page(24)
BARKERVILLE 7 flays—SI53 TwinsTwenty hours cruising on Queen of Prince Rupert and overnight at Barker-ville
The Daily Colonist (1970-10-08) page(58)
com­memorating the centenary of B.C?s entry into Confedera­tion. Barkerville ‘71. a musical show, has been
The Daily Colonist (1970-10-08) page(17)
.on an undetermined date, both com­memorating the centenaiy of B.C.’s entry into Confedera­tion. ~ Barkerville ’71
The Daily Colonist (1911-07-01) page(11)
, Barkerville an>l WillowKlver railway, has left tor BarkervlUe to conpleto arrangements for tho sur- vey (i
The Daily Colonist (1911-09-24) page(25)
for Barkerville, Quesnel, and allinterior points. A busy little town sprang upbeside the Thompson. Then, a few
The Daily Colonist (1914-04-05) page(19)
reaches Quesnel, which is the outlet of theregion around Barkerville, the two towns ly-ing upon the same
The Daily Colonist (1913-08-10) page(31)
vicinity of Barkerville for several years af-terward and their offspring wandered north-ward as the bands
The Daily Colonist (1912-10-01) page(14)
Peaco River country;Cariboo, Barkerville and Willowi.i ir and elgtlt Other v.illroadsprojected
The Daily Colonist (1878-04-14) page(5)
, etc . , n . B . HABI-KB: , " BARKERVILLE , Oct . 13th , 1877 . I The Bonanza lode has been
The Daily Colonist (1961-03-12) page(53)
the Fraser and the Cariboo. Barkerville was no lon ger the largest' city in the west, north of San
The Daily Colonist (1961-08-20) page(44)
BARKERVILLE H arkerr ille b a rb er , W ellington D elaney M ote», eli pin'll an il ch a ttered , »h ared 9
The Daily Colonist (1962-10-21) page(44)
1860s, Wellington Delaney Moses, the Barkerville barher, noticed one day a curious nugget
The Daily Colonist (1961-12-17) page(23)
the town of Barkerville : was named. Barker's prottts Genuine Black Ata»ka DiamondpenOant and aarrtnf m
The Daily Colonist (1963-06-08) page(13)
the studio by late September or early Oc tuber, but first he will be busy bi Barkerville's festival in July
The Daily Colonist (1963-06-23) page(48)
the Richfi* Barkervill known as Lakes an* No wonder F. O. Morris came to under­stand every part of the field
The Daily Colonist (1962-06-24) page(39)
cenia for each brand registered. When John Bowron was agent at Barkerville he recorded many brands
The Daily Colonist (1964-02-14) page(18)
[who trekked across Canada to the Barkerville gold fields in 1863. paid a visit to the pro­vincial
The Daily Colonist (1965-12-04) page(39)
or Victoria, but there was great rejoicing by the miners at Yale and Barkerville. What do you do when