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The Daily Colonist (1878-01-11) page(3)
Cariboo . The news from ''Barkerville , Dec ; 29,' 1877 ; . continues' favorable . Two assaysfrom ore
The Daily Colonist (1878-07-09) page(4)
the Dominion , Great Dri\inund Ireland ,Newfoundland and tho United States , and at tho office . nt Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1878-07-04) page(4)
and Wednesday and Saturday Monday and Thursday at GBurrard Inlet . ' at 3 P.M . r . M. Barkerville , and Inter
The Daily Colonist (1878-01-30) page(3)
and American boards ; that the littlefourstamp mill at Barkerville , built bythe indomitable efforts of a few
The Daily Colonist (1878-01-30) page(1)
Inlet . 3 > . M . 61 .11 . Barkerville . and IntermeS BturdBY S , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thursday
The Daily Colonist (1878-01-12) page(3)
the "Big Bonanza " ledge , situated on thesummit of the mountainback Barkerville : The ' ledge 'is ; a true
The Daily Colonist (1877-04-19) page(4)
offices at Barkerville , Olinton ,' Nan'aimb ; New-Weatminsteraud]: Yale , in'this 'Province. ; can
The Daily Colonist (1877-06-12) page(3)
prospects were improving . Mr .N '1.thau old pioneer of Barkerville , hadreturned from the Black: Hills
The Daily Colonist (1877-05-30) page(3)
- "A Miner , " writing from Barkerville ,is slightly in error in saying that theWalkern party in Cariboo
The Daily Colonist (1877-05-30) page(4)
, Newfoundland , and the United States , and at the offices at Barkerville , Olinton , Nanaimo , New Westminster
The Daily Colonist (1877-05-20) page(4)
and Ire-land - , Newfoundland , end the United States , and at the offices at Barkerville , Olinton
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-09) page(3)
boopenol at U iota Pont Office between Barkerville mid Clinton . Mr . James Stone , m answer to Mr
The Daily Colonist (1877-10-21) page(1)
immediate payment to .MICHAEL BARKY , Administrator of Estate of -W; P . Barry , Deceased . Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1877-05-22) page(2)
* dutyu- pon 'Mr . Bennie of ;has served a writ Barkerville to enforce payment of a debt .I What
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-23) page(2)
Buildings at ] Richfield to Barkerville .BARKERVII.LE , B . 0 . , 7th March , 1877 . EDITOR BRITISH
The Daily Colonist (1877-04-10) page(4)
, ' '&tthe'cmc sat Barkerville ; ' Clin ¬ton , Nanaimo , New Vestminstorand Yale , ''in this Province'Ban
The Daily Colonist (1877-04-06) page(4)
at Barkerville ; Olin' ton , Nanaimo , New. Westminster and Yale , in this Province , can be obtained
The Daily Colonist (1877-05-23) page(4)
, Nowfonndland , and the United State , and at the ofliooa at Barkerville , Olinton , Nanaimo , Now WOlitminBter
The Daily Colonist (1877-09-19) page(3)
. _ GOVERNMENT ASSAY OFFICE . .We un ¬derstand that tin position of Governmentassayer at Barkerville , made
The Daily Colonist (1877-08-04) page(3)
iuthe vicinity of Barkerville ; alee veins ' atthe head of Burns ' Creek , from which " 'aspecimen
The Daily Colonist (1877-11-23) page(2)
'a stream of wealth. willbegin to flow from Barkerville to Victoria ,enriching in ' its ' course , all who
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-16) page(4)
, Newfoundland , and the United States , and at the offices at Barkerville , Clinton , Nanaimo , New Westminster
The Daily Colonist (1877-03-14) page(4)
, Newfoundland , and the United States , and at the offices at Barkerville , Olinton . Nanaimo , New Westminster
The Daily Colonist (1877-09-25) page(3)
expert , ac-companied - by his assayer Mr . Insteroth ,caused old Barkerville to rejoice the cityof
The Daily Colonist (1877-07-22) page(4)
States , and at the offices at Barkerville , Clin-ton , Nanaimo , Now Westminster and .Yale
The Daily Colonist (1865-04-06) page(1)
- - «.w We.tuiiuster.------- Yale*- - - Quesnelle.B. C. :- • •- t«*XKRichfield Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1864-08-16) page(1)
: , . ' :.' . > : : : : : : : : VMnnnkleLyttoi . 'I " . . _ . . . Ilichflrld .. . . , . . Barkerville.. " . . . . Carocrontonn
The Daily Colonist (1865-02-17) page(1)
*. . • . Richnetd- - - Barkerville. W. K. Burrage,L.P.Pteher, -P. Algar, - .0. Street, - . CAUTION TO— MARINERS
The Daily Colonist (1864-12-23) page(1)
. • • IT Westminster.- • * - Yale.Qursnells.B. C. -- Lytton - - Vsnwinklt.- Richfield •- Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1927-04-05) page(1)
. was thrownaararal fkat and saatalnad injarlaawhtoh naeasnitsted his being carriedta Barkerville nn a atretcherCspUln
The Daily Colonist (1927-08-24) page(4)
Barkerville—Barometer, 28.84; calm: Cloudy.Prlneg cloudy.Tatoosh—•] cloudy. fair. »n 4 8g.«a: cloudy
The Daily Colonist (1931-03-15) page(4)
TBMri):RATlTRE Victoria ..VancouverKamloops ....................Barkerville ... »Estevaa Mnt *Prince
The Daily Colonist (1931-05-10) page(4)
in thecolony, parttcalarly in Barkerville, where it had been theoccasion of an annual celebration since 1867
The Daily Colonist (1931-06-13) page(1)
MatioB mmt wm themeans ofto that sectionMr Shelly wll] sj-yend two or three days here and at Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1931-09-21) page(2)
as the Barkerville area has pro-duced. The known or probablechannels such as those mentionedabove in the East Cariboo
The Daily Colonist (1927-12-15) page(4)
Ifeteorologlcal Office, Vktoda. BX3.. at • pja.. De-oember 14, 1937. Victoria Barkerville —Wavan Polat, mow. JO
The Daily Colonist (1927-10-07) page(4)
.. 4 miles; cloudyK iiiiloop.s Barometer. 30.16; wind, S., 4 miles; 1 I'Midy' Barkervill«.-Baromet«r
The Daily Colonist (1927-08-20) page(4)
. VancouverKamloops . . . Barkerville... Prince Rupert . —EMevanDawson, Y.T. ....Portland , San FranciscoSeattle
The Daily Colonist (1927-08-21) page(4)
. Kamloops—Barometer. 29 96; wind. N.W.. 4fair. Barkerville—Barometer. 30.06; calm; cloudy-Prince Rupert
The Daily Colonist (1927-10-27) page(4)
. ttST.mCPKRATURBB VictoriaVancouverKamloops . ,Barkerville - — Priiur RupertEstevan ... Dawson .....Portland
The Daily Colonist (1928-03-31) page(4)
with trains Barkerville ...............Kstevan PomtI'ruice Rtipert —AtUnPitW.tOIl .................•Heal tie
The Daily Colonist (1928-06-03) page(4)
-^teroaater. sa.Tt; wind, W., 4 miles;lalr. Barkerville—Barometer. 29.92: calm; fair. *Rrince Rupert
The Daily Colonist (1928-01-10) page(4)
.01Vancouver 12Kamloopfl .Barkerville .Estevan Point . . JOPrince Rupert .. .88Dawson ......SeattlePortlandSan
The Daily Colonist (1928-08-26) page(4)
^ — *^ ''^Barkerville *0 88Estevan Point j -—« — *• MPrtiirr Rupert —— — tt 80Ailm 4* 72Dawson - -- *0 "^8Seattle
The Daily Colonist (1931-06-09) page(18)
engineer. BARKERVILLE^FIND WATCHED EarthquakeEndangersCathedral LONDON, June 8 (AP)^~PoUcethrew a cordon
The Daily Colonist (1932-02-21) page(26)
from Yaleto Barkerville. and from BarkervUle to ttieOmlneca, had left behind them a trail
The Daily Colonist (1932-04-17) page(1)
In Barkerville, but they havenak been Urint tagsMMT for DOOOED HUNT Hia body majr bt broaght taQueanel for post
The Daily Colonist (1931-09-20) page(1)
of the productionfrom the Cariboo to date has beenfrom the creeks within a few milesof Barkerville. this must
The Daily Colonist (1928-10-23) page(4)
POtTMABTBBSnP VictoriaNanalmoVancouverKainloops .-.Barkerville ..—EsU'van Point —Prmos
The Daily Colonist (1928-09-20) page(4)
i30.24; wind. 8 . 6 miles Vancouver- Barometer. 30 22;lair. Kamloops—Barometer. 30 04,fair Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1928-08-24) page(4)
. SW, 4 miles; fair. Barkerville—Barometer. 30 16; calm; fair.Prince Rupert, - Barometer, 30.26; calm
The Daily Colonist (1933-01-15) page(2)
to the Barkerville area. One of the Jargeet mining eompaaies on either side of theInternational boundary Una
The Daily Colonist (1933-02-07) page(1)
as Aid to Mining N order to facilitate traffic into the Barkerville area of~U»*C*, where active
The Daily Colonist (1933-04-06) page(1)
and Community Dances—Will Create Townsite at Barkerville The Houston-We.stland plane wasmanned by Colonel L. V
The Daily Colonist (1933-06-03) page(1)
, it was learned yes-terday at the Legislative BuildingsThe Cariboo Road from Quesnel to Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1933-02-28) page(2)
the Masonic Hall In Barkerville, stead fi Bunder-son are putting up n combinationrestaurant and cabaret
The Daily Colonist (1933-01-13) page(1)
being taken In the Cariboo gold field inthe vicinity of Barkerville wasreceived by the British Co
The Daily Colonist (1933-08-27) page(1)
. Constable Wclsman, ofBarkerville, is investigating. Tliecoroner. Dr. Tsylor, of Barkerville, to Queend when
The Daily Colonist (1933-06-04) page(19)
that gave great promise were One oi the Famous Old Placer Mines m the Barkerville Area During theOpamid b|r
The Daily Colonist (1933-06-29) page(12)
Given to Makethe Return Trip to Barkerville In One Day If Desired NOTE. Cafe Car Attached to All Though
The Daily Colonist (1933-08-20) page(18)
Time Is Given to Makethe Return Trip to Barkerville in One Day it Deaired. NOTE—Cafe Car AtUched
The Daily Colonist (1933-01-22) page(1)
Barkerville. showithe Bank of England, and Mrs. Prls-no fear of an airplane, according to [cilia Cecilia Maria
The Daily Colonist (1933-02-19) page(1)
Alex Madiensie Warns Public Against Stamped-ing to Barkerville Area While Snow U on theGround-—Town h
The Daily Colonist (1933-09-27) page(9)
Placers are also active, while in the Barkerville area, thefamous old Lowhee Pit Is reportedto have had
The Daily Colonist (1933-01-20) page(12)
LimiUdCariboo Diatrict—Barkerville Area A MaciLeBzia Tait « Marthiit001-5 Bank of Tocoato BuiMinf. Victoria
The Daily Colonist (1933-10-29) page(1)
dayUght hours today, batbe dsmaire was negligible. Barkerville GoodFiguresOct. 28 I CP). The of town
The Daily Colonist (1936-04-01) page(12)
have quite a time with Aunt Eppie .in\H& ^wo ©et I ,> Umpttta Burned-At Barkerville QUESNEL. March
The Daily Colonist (1936-05-23) page(9)
to Armstrong. He will be.succeeded at Barkerville by . Rev.John E. JBell, who was ordained bythe Conference
The Daily Colonist (1935-09-13) page(7)
, Edmonton; Mr. C.J. Seymour-Baker. Barkerville. B.C..and Mr. and Mrs. Max Crumal. SanFrancisco. DMS
The Daily Colonist (1934-06-20) page(1)
; Huntingdon, immigra-tion and customs building, $S,SOf:Quesnel-Barkerville telephone Unereconstruction, $6,300
The Daily Colonist (1936-11-18) page(1)
being lost In denseforest beyond Barkerville for threedays *Joh ritWrOGi v Co 1 1 t"i^ hw * ( y1 a©t
The Daily Colonist (1936-04-29) page(6)
more rrrriif \cais After leaving Barkerville, Mr. Mc-lntyre lived St Clinton. \wh"r? hr operation
The Daily Colonist (1940-04-24) page(2)
the Barkerville FIGHTERS OF PRAIRIEFIRE BADLY SINGED PONTEIX Sask.April 23 (PI —A prairie fire ranged over 2.5
The Daily Colonist (1940-09-06) page(4)
The Dally Colonist ot September 8. 1890 > The Cariboo Mines—A dispatch from Barkerville says: TheIsland
The Daily Colonist (1939-01-21) page(8)
-nomic a«ti\iiios ff o;l'.pobed syMem forJapan, Manchukuo «r China." BARKERVILLE
The Daily Colonist (1939-12-14) page(2)
— ifad LivedThere Fifty-Ptv* Yean BARKERVILLE B C. Dec. IS KB—Funeral services ivill be held to-morrow
The Daily Colonist (1934-06-27) page(16)
, Report Says BARKERVILLE. — Developmentwork at the Cariboo Gold KingMine Is going steadily ahead withvery
The Daily Colonist (1933-03-11) page(6)
At Barkerville tht Uier-mometer reKLstered fl beh>w, and atStrn' liMHV.T It wa.s 18 'vlnw (•Ki.AHoMA C I i"i
The Daily Colonist (1933-11-08) page(5)
CENTRAL STRIKES RICH OREImportant among the newer min- ing operation.s on Cow Mountain,near Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1933-01-05) page(1)
to Aid Gold Prospecting BARKERVILLE ROADMAY BE IMPROVED Seventeen Die WhenFire Destroys LinerIn
The Daily Colonist (1938-12-15) page(1)
countrv out. of workcn relief. »ho cannot be zifrn rm-Csntlnns* en Page i, Celaau I BARKERVILLE BC. FVc
The Daily Colonist (1946-08-31) page(5)
»* Qeneral ElectricVAffCOt'VER i ni la rm minks BidBig * silver ... ]Barkerville nBig MUsourl 0«Bluebird r
The Daily Colonist (1946-09-13) page(8)
*, Ltd t idBig 4 Silver ....Barkervill*Big MissouriBluebirdBristolBrooklyn BtemwinderCangoMCantyCanyon
The Daily Colonist (1929-4-6) page(4)
Victoria ----NanaimoVancouverKamioops -Barkerville .-Bstevan PointPrince RupertDawsonSeattlePortlandSan
The Daily Colonist (1929-3-22) page(4)
.33 33 46 .23 35 50.30 32 43 32 4531 4030 48 Trace 33 36.02 30 42 .20 16 224 16 Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1947-01-22) page(8)
B>4Bif 4 Bute' -I*Barkerville „ V.l. Trinsportition Co., Ltd. 4 Per Cent BondsWe desire offerings
The Daily Colonist (1923-02-25) page(22)
. In 1866 one Mr. Blessing—^no one requiteda real name—who w.i . « olored barber, re-turning to Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1925-05-10) page(11)
the repuUtion of Itd'^—egt pla-tureaquo eharaetor.For years It has hUa in Ha orldaal lysme at Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1924-07-05) page(5)
. Rlthet.Jame« Van Bremmer. (leorge Diets—owner of the famous Cariboo atagefrom Yale to Barkerville—Frank
The Daily Colonist (1929-3-12) page(4)
., at 8 March 11, 1929:p.m.. Victoria - -Vancouver -NanalmoKamloops - —Barkerville -Estevan Point rain
The Daily Colonist (1929-6-13) page(14)
iiiiiicra! ^t-in.^ nil iiiiit-nri Operating Company Near Barkerville An-nounces Developments That Promise
The Daily Colonist (1929-1-16) page(4)
. VictoriaNanaimoVancouverKamioops ....Barkerville Office. Victoria. 1 TEMPERATURES «snow. .40 1 at 8 pjru. Mln. Max37 4440
The Daily Colonist (1951-01-16) page(13)
. founder of The Culonlst. f‘A1tmOO TBAtl.PmiD Vle4orta, the pras* wim pent up to Barkerville along (he
The Daily Colonist (1929-2-21) page(4)
IS VictoriaVancouver —Kamloops ...Barkerville --Estevan PointPrince Rupert - MDawsonSeattle - Portland - 02San
The Daily Colonist (1957-04-13) page(4)
ground in the vicinityof Barkerville by way of a mute viaHarri.son Lake, which had been tra-versed
The Daily Colonist (1955-03-26) page(4)
andthe diggmga beyond Barkerville andrelate what hapfiened in the day andnight life of Victoria
The Daily Colonist (1961-10-15) page(4)
Barkerville r u s h produced Communist friend. Marshall made a bteser discovery iutt ' about 16.000.000
The Daily Colonist (1962-08-16) page(4)
out­lays it is not anxious to make. The policy, forthcoming from a cabinet meeting in Barkerville
The Daily Colonist (1936-09-27) page(6)
, of Barkerville. was nameddeputy registrar of the CountyCourt-foM^lttQfL OouBtjr. •Ward One Liberals— I
The Daily Colonist (1938-09-08) page(11)
and supplydcpot.s at lioinr lo kef'p It going. IN -REAUSTiC FASHION BARKERVILLE. B.C. Sept. 7A stage holduf. part